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I will appraise your art for FREE, and can also help you sell your piece.

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I have a large group of clients with OVER $10,000,000 to spend on FRESH art!
Paintings • High End Prints • Sculpture • Modern Art • Pop Art
Want to sell your art?

My clients do not buy at auction, and only buy pieces that have not been exposed or shopped around.  I have sold pieces for over $100,000 and am currently negotiating a couple of million dollar pieces.  My buyers are from all over the U.S. and parts of Europe, and are serious purchasers

Payment is made using either a Bank Check, Money Wire, Paypal, or in certain cases CASH. There is no risk and I can provide a complete list of references! All Art is transported through UPS, Craters and Freighters or mutually agreed upon methods.  You are paid in full firstbefore any art is shipped.

If you are an artist and want to sell your pieces, I can not assist you in valuing your art or in selling it.  Please do not call or email with this request.

Common Question:
What if I get the information and I want to sell it at auction or to another person?

I do not pressure people to sell me art, I actively buy art, but I do not make a living by it, you are free to sell to whomever you want. I have an active roster of clients who will purchase, or you can find one on your own, sell to a dealer or try the auction route.  I would not suggest Ebay, unless piece has little value.


Pay Services-
I only charge for a written appraisal of your artwork. You would only need this if you are going to insure your art or to help in settling an estate. To do this I must actually see the high resolution photos of the piece, examine and document before I can give a written appraisal. l would only advise getting a written appraisal if your artwork has significant value, such as over $5000.00.




If you are an artist and want to sell your pieces, I can not assist you in valuing your art or in selling it.

Gary Dinowitz 860-306-6338 & 860-523-9909
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FREE appraisal of your art using databases of auction houses over the last 25 years -

Because I do this as a second job and I love art.

I will provide you with the same data the dealers use, for FREE!

Don't let them have the upper hand on you, knowledge is power.

About ME:
My main business is as a publisher of college daily planners and high school counselor directories (I started the company 24 years ago), and I have been buying, selling and appraising art for over 17 years.  I provide this service FREE and only make money if I sell a piece to one of my clients.

I charge 10% to the buyer, there is no fee to the seller.  I do this to fund my art addiction, there is no risk and you do not have to take advantage of my ability to sell your artwork to get a free appraisal.

( and - My main businesses.

I can also do insurance appraisals, and that is the only service for which I charge a fee.  I normally do not suggest getting an insurance appraisal if your item is worth less than $5,000 as it will already be covered by your homeowners.  I have been doing complete estate appraisals locally for many years, for attorneys and estates.

What can I get appraisals on:

Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Etchings, Sculpture, Wood Block Prints, Tiffany, Sterling, Gold, Designer Furniture and most other items of value.

Appraisal Process- what to do
Please send me the name of the artist, the size of the piece (do not include the frame in the size) as well as pictures of the front back and the signature any labels on piece, and your telephone number. I will get the information back to you within 24 hours or less, but usually within a couple of hours.

Please provide at least (3) images of each artwork you want info on.  See below.

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or you can call me at (cell) 860-306-6338 or 860-523-9909

Want to sell you art? - I have helped people sell over $2,000,000 in art over the last 20 months.

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